Nelma Centre-pin Reel

nelma centre-pin reel

This is a story of a very unusual fishing device. The thing is called Nelma and is a centre-pin reel. Designed, developed and produced in Russia. Originally introduced in 2009 as Nelma KP-114, it provided an affordable high-quality alternative to expensive British and American trotting centre-pins on the one hand and to rare and expensive … >>>

Von Barschen in der Stadt, Angelruten und Teichsanierungen


Ehrlich gesagt war es nicht besonders aufregend. Hals über Kopf verliebt in die Nordic-Stage-Ruten war ich bestimmt nicht. Dafür ist die Beziehung dauernd und harmonisch geworden, mit erfüllten Hoffnungen und einem Gefühl von Sicherheit. Auf die Ruten kann ich mich unbedingt verlassen. Die machen immer mit, und das ohne Aufsehen, als ob es ganz selbstverständlich … >>>

Nordic Stage Joker MJ 742UL

nordic stage joker mj

The Joker MJ is one of several ranges of spinning rods, designed by Rods Development Lab, each range being dedicated to a specific fishing technique. MJ stands for Micro Jig and means jigging with ultra-light, miniature plastics, feather jigs and other artificial baits. The idea behind Joker MJ was to create a rod with a … >>>

Impressions from the 35th Hunting and Fishing in Russia (2014)

The international exhibition Hunting and Fishing in Russia is organized twice a year by Expodesign  at the All-Russian Exhibition Centre in Moscow. The spring event attracts more visitors and exhibitors than the autumn one and is undoubtedly the biggest fishing fair in Russia. Far from being a trade-only show, it is open to the public … >>>